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Volume 68 (2023), Issue 2

Capitalist Crisis Poetry: Lyric Encounters with Neoliberalism in the Twenty-First Century

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Volume 68.2 (2023) open-access

Front Matter

Front Matter open-access

Page 143 - 144


Contents open-access

Page 145 - 146


Capitalist Crisis Poetry: Lyric Encounters with Neoliberalism in the Twenty-First Century open-access

Stefan Benz, Marcel Hartwig, Hannah Schoch

Page 147 - 164

Articles & Poems

“aristotle says: ‘it is clear why fish are dumb. it is because they have no throat’”; “hadal zone in the age of deindustrialization”; “kettle poetics” open-access

Dominick Knowles

Page 165 - 166

“Singing the Epiphanic Song”: Lyric as Oppositional Practice in Juliana Spahr’s "That Winter the Wolf Came" open-access

Simone Knewitz

Page 167 - 181

“Denial”; “TYCOON”; “Bullish” open-access

Simon Strick

Page 183 - 185

“the ruling class makes us go real fast” open-access

Eva Zirker

Page 187

“Rather Than Invent a World, I Want a Different Means to Understand This One”: Jena Osman’s Conjugations of Capitalist Crisis open-access

Julia Sattler

Page 189 - 204

“Shat ter, V” open-access

Andrin Albrecht

Page 205

“Freshness & crisp (miasma)” open-access

Marius Henderson

Page 207

New Media Poetics during Long-Crises: Racial Capitalism, the Economics of Print, and Why Poets Need the Web open-access

Ama Bemma Adwetewa-Badu

Page 209 - 225

“Affiliation (for my father)” (excerpt) open-access

Mira Mattar

Page 227 - 230

“January 6(66)th (Can’t Help Myself, 2016 by Sun Yuan and Peng Yu)” open-access

Robert Fernandez

Page 231

Intergeneric Fields of Erasure: Reading Philip Metres’s Sand Opera as Document-Poetry open-access

Mahshid Mayar

Page 233 - 243

“Trio of Loss: the battlefront; probability comes with a belly; loss is in the air we breathe” open-access

Mahshid Mayar

Page 245 - 246

“Still we all gon rise”: Indigenous Hip Hop, Racial Capitalism, and the Quest for Indigenous Sovereignty in the Work of Snotty Nose Rez Kids open-access

Stefan Benz

Page 247 - 264

“Ritual sacrifice is a lagging statistical indicator” open-access

Isaac Pickell

Page 265 - 266


List of Contributors open-access

Page 289 - 290

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