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Volume 66 (2021), Issue 1

Common Grounds? American Democracy after Trump. Cedric Essi, Heike Paul, and Boris Vormann (Guest Editors)

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Volume 66.1 (2021) open-access

Front Matter

Front Matter open-access

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Contents open-access

Page 3 - 6

Common Grounds? American Democracy after Trump

“Democracy Is Fragile”: A Foreword open-access

Carmen Birkle, Birgit Däwes

Page 7 - 8

Common Grounds?—A Preface open-access

Cedric Essi, Heike Paul, Boris Vormann

Page 9 - 14

I. Prologue

Eulogy for Detroit 1967 open-access

Melba Joyce Boyd

Page 17 - 21

II. Presence of a Divided Past

The Problem of America Is the Foundational Post on Which It Stands open-access

Diane Glancy

Page 25 - 29

“Hold Them to Account”. Richard Sennett in Conversation with Boris Vormann open-access

Richard Sennett

Page 31 - 36

Tear Them Down: Old Statues, Bad Science, and Ideas That Just Won’t Die open-access

Siri Hustvedt

Page 37 - 45

Twilight of the American Idols? Statue Politics between the Movement for Black Lives and Trumpism open-access

Michael Weinman

Page 47 - 51

On the Racial Fantasies of White Liberals in Trump’s America and Beyond open-access

Eduardo Bonilla-Silva

Page 53 - 58

The Hidden Violence of Tree-Lined Streets open-access

Barry Shank

Page 59 - 65

No Common Ground: U.S. “Democracy” as Condition of Terror open-access

Dylan Rodríguez

Page 67 - 71

Committed Writing as Common Ground: Jesmyn Ward’s Poetics of Breathing While Black open-access

Laura Bieger

Page 73 - 79

Racial Disruptions: Asian American Optics in a Provisional Democracy open-access

Linda Trinh Võ

Page 81 - 88

Serial Politics of the Equal Rights Amendment: Revisiting a Feminist Legacy open-access

Elisabeth Bronfen

Page 89 - 94

Equal Pay Now! The “Gender Pay Gap” in Transatlantic Perspective. Birte Meier in Conversation with Heike Paul open-access

Birte Meier

Page 95 - 102

Bridging the Military-Civilian Divide? Military Spouses in Post-9/11 U.S. Culture open-access

Katharina Gerund

Page 103 - 110

Dream a Little American Dream with Me: Income Inequality and Social Mobility in the United States open-access

Christian Lammert

Page 111 - 115

Disruption and Abrasion: American Social Media as Contested Infrastructures open-access

Christoph Raetzsch

Page 117 - 122

A Common Groundlessness: Trans Aesthetics, Ontological Pluralism, and Imaginary Warfare in the Contemporary United States open-access

Susan Stryker

Page 123 - 126

Again and Again and Again open-access

Simon Schleusener

Page 127 - 131

III. Futures Foreseen

Democracy, Division, and an Attempted Coup open-access

Craig Calhoun

Page 135 - 142

The "Après-Coup": President Trump’s Transfer of Power open-access

Donald E. Pease

Page 143 - 153

Deep Divides: The Fault Lines Actually Disrupting American Democracy open-access

Margit Mayer

Page 155 - 161

Expanding the Analytical Domain: American Democracy and Its Predatory Economies open-access

Saskia Sassen

Page 163 - 167

No, Your Other Left! The Fight for the Soul of the Democratic Party open-access

Aysuda Kölemen

Page 169 - 173

Dispatches from a Dying Empire open-access

Scott Kurashige

Page 175 - 180

Interregnum or Transformation? open-access

Sheri Berman

Page 181 - 183

Recognition Returning Home: An International Law Perspective on the Interregnum after the 2020 U.S. Presidential Elections open-access

Helmut Philipp Aust

Page 185 - 189

The Three United States of Americas I Have Known: Three Eras Resulting in the Loss of “Common Ground” between the United States and Europe open-access

Ulrike Guérot

Page 191 - 195

74 Million Questions open-access

John von Bergen

Page 197 - 201

This Is Not a Jeremiad open-access

Sabine Broeck

Page 203 - 207

Against Murderous Passivity, or Reading Hannah Arendt under Lockdown open-access

Ramzi Fawaz

Page 209 - 213

Maximalist Expectations in an Age of Anti-Populism open-access

Pierre-Héli Monot

Page 215 - 221

Please Send Queer Food open-access

Matt Brim

Page 223 - 227

Anti-Blackness in Education and the Possibilities of Redress: Toward Educational Reparations open-access

kihana miraya ross

Page 229 - 233

American Democracy after Trump and the Challenges of Transnational American Studies. Alfred Hornung in Conversation with Mita Banerjee open-access

Alfred Hornung, Mita Banerjee

Page 235 - 240

The Transnational Dimensions of Anti-Black Policing and Black Resistance. Vanessa E. Thompson in Conversation with Cedric Essi open-access

Vanessa E. Thompson

Page 241 - 246

Abandoning Time: Black Nihilism and the Democratic Imagination open-access

Calvin Warren

Page 247 - 251

Radical Refusal and the Potential of Queer Indigenous Futures open-access

Ho’esta Mo’e’hahne

Page 253 - 257

Monsters in a Moment of Danger: Global Climate Justice and U.S. Obligations open-access

Julie Sze

Page 259 - 264

Sense of an Ending: On Apocalyptic Maneuvers and Ethics of Collapse open-access

Christine Hentschel

Page 265 - 269

Beyond American Dystopia: On the Rise of Apocalyptic Visions in the Contemporary United States open-access

Stefan Höhne

Page 271 - 277

American Utopia and Climate Change open-access

Rosemary Wakeman

Page 279 - 282

It’s 2023: Here’s How We Fixed the Global Economy open-access

Mariana Mazzucato

Page 283 - 286

IV. Epilogue

We Want Our City Back open-access

Melba Joyce Boyd

Page 289 - 292


List of Contributors open-access

Page 317 - 321

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