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Dear Readers of Amerikastudien / American Studies


Dear Readers of Amerikastudien / American Studies:

The transformation of the journal Amerikastudien / American Studies into an open-access journal has finally come to fruition. Thanks to the tireless work of our old and new publisher, Universitätsverlag Winter, as well as our teams and editorial board members across Germany and Austria, we are proud to report the publication of its first issue in the new format, in a fresh design, and on a newly designed website.

Issue 64.1 opens the new era of Amst with a programmatic focus on new technologies in research and teaching, to which distinguished scholars such as Werner Sollors (Harvard), Carrie Johnston (Wake Forest U), Evelyn Korn (Marburg), Elisabeth LaPensée (Michigan State University) and Nichlas Emmons (Indian Land Tenure Foundation), as well as Jeffrey Schnapp (Harvard) have contributed a diverse range of perspectives. The issue also features different communicational formats, including an interview and a response to Werner Sollors’s keynote piece—collaboratively written by Ingrid Gessner (Feldkirch, Austria) and Marc Priewe (Stuttgart), two GAAS members and co-initiators of the Digital American Studies Initiative. The subsequent issues of volume 64 are currently being finalized and will be successively available soon, so please stop by regularly at

Within the new format, we also believe in the strength of continuity, so we are upholding our proven double-blind peer review system, supported by the commitment of prominent national and international colleagues from an interdisciplinary American Studies community. The continued success of Amerikastudien / American Studies strongly relies, of course, on your input as contributors and colleagues. Please do send us your manuscripts, and we also welcome ideas for topics, special issues, contributions, and further formats.

Amst is published on behalf of the GAAS and will serve as a means of communication and exchange for all its members and colleagues from other disciplines and nations. We will do our best to make the journal a lively and interactive platform in the academic enhancement of teaching and research in American Studies, but we can only do so with your support and contributions. Thank you for making the journal your first choice for publication!

We could not have managed the successful transformation without the help and immense support of our publisher, of the impressive groups of scholars on our advisory and editorial boards, our review editor, Anke Ortlepp, and our associate editors, Cedric Essi, Johanna Heil, Kathleen Loock, Connor Pitetti, and Johannes Schmid. To them, we owe a great debt of gratitude.

We look forward to fruitful collaborations and wish all of you a healthy and productive spring season.

Kind regards,

Carmen Birkle and Birgit Däwes