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Proposals on topics in American Studies


Call for Special-Issue Proposals on topics in American Studies (Amerikastudien / American Studies)

The editors of the journal Amerikastudien / American Studies invite proposals for a special issue on any topic of American Studies to be published in 2022. Proposals should elaborate on the specific design of the topic, should be inter- or transnational in scope, and should highlight the quality of the proposed contributions with regard to the overall topic. The proposals should include:

  • a 500-word description of the topic, presenting method, theory, and expected content;
  • a bibliography outlining the topic’s current state of research
  • two or three confirmed contributors with working titles and 200-word abstracts

(further contributors are to be recruited through an open call for papers to be organized by the special issue’s guest editors).

Criteria for selection will be academic excellence, originality, social and/or political relevance, as well as the combination and coherence of the issue’s conceptual frame and its proposed contributions. The editors appreciate a heterogeneity of scholarly perspectives.

The best proposal will be selected by the General Editors, Associate Editors, and the Editorial Board in mid-October 2020. The deadline for submission of the proposal is September 15, 2020.