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Jahrgang 63 (2018), Ausgabe 2

Digital Scholarship in American Studies. Alexander Dunst and Dennis Mischke (Guest Editors)

Front Matter

Front Matter open-access


Contents open-access

In Memoriam

In Memoriam: Prof. Dr. Gerhard Hoffmann (1931-2018) open-access

Alfred Hornung

Seite 127 - 129


Introduction: The Challenge and Promise of Digital American Studies open-access

Alexander Dunst, Dennis Mischke

Seite 131 - 140

Jonathan Edwards and Thomas Foxcroft open-access

Pursuing Stylometric Traces of the Editor

Michał Choiński, Jan Rybicki

Seite 141 - 158

Exploring Transatlantic Print Culture through Digital Databases open-access

Marie Léger-St-Jean, Katie McGettigan

Seite 159 - 181

Decentralizing the Digital Archive open-access

Reconstructing Margaret Fuller’s Transnationalism

Sonia Di Loreto

Seite 183 - 197

The Explorative Value of Computational Methods open-access

Rereading the American Short Story

Stephanie Siewert, Nils Reiter

Seite 199 - 230

Digital Photographic Grammar open-access

Mapping Documentary Photographs

Frank Mehring

Seite 231 - 252


Reviews open-access

Philipp Reisner, Kenyon Gradert, Alexander Lawrence Ames, Susanne Opfermann, Florian Freitag, Kirsten Sandrock, Caroline Rosenthal, René Dietrich, Svenja Hohenstein


Publications in American Studies from German-Speaking Countries, 2017 open-access

Abby Russell, Ana Elisa Gomez Laris

Seite 255 - 314


Contributors open-access

Seite 315 - 316

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