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Volume 62 (2017), Issue 4

Marx and the United States. Dennis Büscher-Ulbrich and Marlon Lieber (Guest Editors)

Front Matter

Front Matter open-access


Contents open-access


The United States of Marx and Marxism: Introduction open-access

Dennis Büscher-Ulbrich, Marion Lieber

Page 511 - 529

The Mysteries of ‘Capital’ open-access

Michael Denning

Page 531 - 538

Transition: End of the Debate open-access

Joshua Clover

Page 539 - 550

The Plantation Road to Socialism open-access

Chris Taylor

Page 551 - 565

‘Race’ as a Function of Capitalism and Imperialism open-access

W. E. B. Du Bois’s Appropriation of Marxian Ideas in ‘The Black Flame’

Christa Buschendorf

Page 567 - 584

Life After the Avant-Garde open-access

Proletarian Realism, Proletarian Modernism

Ben Hickman

Page 585 - 601

From Political Radicalism to Revolutionary Therapy open-access

Wilhelm Reich and Freudo-Marxism in America

Magda Majewska

Page 603 - 618

Marx vs. the Robots open-access

J. Jesse Ramírez

Page 619 - 632

The Ordeal of Labor and the Birth of Robot Fiction open-access

Juliane Strätz

Page 633 - 648

Ruthless Critique or Selective Apologia? open-access

The Postcolonial Left in Theory and Practice

Blair Taylor

Page 649 - 661


“I Was Always Interested in Capitalism.” open-access

Interview with Walter Benn Michaels

Walter Benn Michaels, Marion Lieber

Page 663 - 675


Reviews open-access

Helmbrecht Breinig, Karin Ikas, Ulfried Reichardt, Ingrid Gessner, Xiuming He, Hermann Wellenreuther, Klaus Schmidt, Patrick Erben, Ulf Schulenberg, Katharina Fackler, Stefanie Schäfer, Paula von Gleich

Page 677


Contributors open-access

Page 679 - 680

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