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Volume 62 (2017), Issue 1


Extended Forum: ‘What’s in a Name?’: Cli-Fi and American Studies. Susanne Leikam and Julia Leyda (Guest Editors)

Cli-Fi and American Studies

An Introduction

Susanne Leikam, Julia Leyda

Page 109 - 114

Cli-Fi Drama and Performance

Nassim Balestrini

Page 114 - 120

Cli-Fi and Petrofiction

Questioning Genre in the Anthropocene

Hannes Bergthaller

Page 120 - 125

‘On Not Calling a Spade a Spade’

Climate Fiction as Science Fiction

Pawel Frelik

Page 125 - 129

Cli-Fi and the Feeling of Risk

Alexa Weik von Mossner

Page 129 - 138



Susanne Hamscha, Dominika Ferens, Nicola Glaubitz, Tatjana Prorokova, Simon Dickel, Bärbel Harju, Frank Decker, Stefan Pavenzinger, Jonas Müller, Katharina Gerund, Marc Bauch, René Dietrich, Tanfer Emin Tunç

Page 139

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