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Decentralizing the Digital Archive

Reconstructing Margaret Fuller’s Transnationalism

Sonia Di Loreto

Pages 183 - 197


Based on research done for the Margaret Fuller Transnational Archive (MFTA), this essay examines the network of European public intellectuals surrounding the American journalist, critic, and women’s rights advocate in the 1840s. The article discusses the creation of a collaborative, multilingual, and international Digital Humanities (DH) project and reflects on the reconstruction of an archive—with its connections, ramifications, and potential future development. The MFTA is a collaborative DH project that includes scholars from multiple institutions. It aims to portray networks and clusters of publications involving Margaret Fuller and some of her correspondents. The archive has two primary components: an ‚Omeka‘ digital archive of Fuller’s correspondence for the ‚New York Tribune‘ and a ‚Neatline‘ exhibit that spatially and temporally maps Fuller’s travels throughout Europe from 1846-1850, during the Italian Risorgimento. In order to emphasize the transnational nature of Fuller’s writings, the archive also focuses on the circles of political and cultural figures she came in contact with, such as Cristina di Belgiojoso and Giuseppe Mazzini.


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