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“Amazing Mazes”

The Locus of the Subject in Charles S. Peirce’s Pragmatist Epistemology

Susanne Rohr

Pages 199 - 212


This article explores how Charles S. Peirce’s philosophy might contribute to recent debates dealing with the contemporary ‘ontological turn.’ What is at stake in these debates is the conception of the human subject in relation to its world. Accordingly, Peirce’s notion of this particular relation is of interest, but he never developed one coherent ‘theory of the subject’ in his philosophical writings. I argue that it is nevertheless possible to identify a subject in Peirce’s epistemology, which is located at the intersection of semiotics and pragmatism. The article thus brings together relevant parts from Peirce’s writings on semiotics and pragmatism and reconstructs a subject that is situated on the border between both areas and that combines the status of being both a function in a triadic sign relation and a pragmatist subject as agens.


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